Movies that are too hard to watch.

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Not weird at all! It’s an actual trigger, rather than a stressor, or what people who don’t know any better -and occasionally people who do- tend to call triggers.

Stressor vs. Trigger - What Is A Trigger?

I got ‘yelled’ at on Facebook my first year with ptsd by someone about one of my triggers because it was ‘stupid’ and someone with ‘real ptsd’ would know that couldn’t be a trigger and people like me were ruining the label ptsd.

I was asking friends to post a time sensitive image of them with the trigger so I was desensitising to it.

Point is; triggers can be really innocuous .... they are pegs the memory hangs on, and pegs can look like anything- some times standard peg shapes ( so might look like stressors) , sometimes stag heads, plastic dinosaurs. I have even seen pegs for tea towels that are cat asses ?.

Movies: I have gone from not being able to watch lots to wanting to watch stuff. I find actually than flippant or comedic dealing of things is more difficult for me. There was a Netflix movie called Sierra Burgess or something and I lost it over that, it was sexual fraud. But it’s cute because it’s a girl doing it to a boy? Cyrano de Bergerac ( film) is not cute either fwiw. Makes me furious. Flippant dealing of sexual harassment as ‘desirable’ or ok just makes me see red. I also find the message that ‘parents love you’. ‘Police are safe people’ really difficult. A slightly less palatable one here that I know is problematic is that I have a difficulty with some, not all , portrayal of ptsd. I dislike it being shown as a veterans condition, or that only vets don’t get support with it. One of the reasons I really hate this is it makes me feel that it’s divisive. All research for ptsd is useful for ALL of us. My guess is cPTSD or attachment issues / high ace scores that might make the person likely to have experienced it is not unheard of in vets Besides combat ptsd. Where and when the mind reacts with reaction of ‘stuck in trauma’ is research that helps all of us AND all other people. Educators, child psychologists, parents, and so on. So when I react with resistance I feel very small minded.
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