Relationship My wife hits me

update: 4 sessions in w/our therapist.

wife and i have been together at our apartment for the last 2 weeks by ourselves. we're working it out. she cooked a couple days ago!! that meant something.

my daughter is still staying at her grandmothers house. she doesn't want to be around me that much still. i can't blame her and i respect it. neither of them are going to karate right now (that's our THING!). we DID watch 2 fun kids films at my house last Thursday & it was as if nothing was going on. we sat/laughed/bullshitted/play-fought/she laid on top of me (that's how she's watched movies since she was a baby so if i fell asleep, i knew when she moved LOL) - all was well.

we had an AWESOME 12th birthday party w/my kid/her friends/their parents/my wife at the trampoline spot last Sunday.

my wife and i put some rules in and are ADAMANT about enforcing them:
NO physicality (hitting/pushing/proximity/etc)
NO cops
NO fighting (yelling/cussing/aggressive or shitty attitude/etc)
NO text fighting (see above)
NO running out of a fight without giving an exact time/place to resume
ONLY talk about the other to the therapist or DIRECTLY to the other

we're working our shit ALL the way out before we bring our girl back into our home so we can create an environment that SCREAMS safe, nurturing, loving (yet RIGOROUS) home.