New here... Looking for support and zoom options


New Here
Hello all!

I just signed up in hopes of connecting with those like me. I have bipolar as well as c-ptsd. I have anxiety/depressive issues related to prior mentioned stuff/etc. I want to find a group or online zoom to talk with, hopefully regularly. I've been in trauma based therapy for a minute now and its began to help, but I'm also dealing with alot of things I'm not familiar with due to this.

Look forward to talking with yall. All the best.
You found a terrific place here...both board and it's members...So glad you found us.

I also have bipolar 1...just diagnosed and Lithium is helping me. Tough to shoulder those burdens as you already know.
Thanks! Geez, what works for one, will kill another! Lithium was the doctor's 1st choice after diagnosis. 400mg. I thought I was gonna die on that. 4 years later, I'm "somewhat" stable medication-wise, lol.

I do psychotherapy, been doing that for a while. Most recently found a trauma-based therapist experienced in emdr, since cbt wasn't working for me and my level of trauma.

Look forward to learning more and meeting more!
Yep - I got here after finding the first trauma and trying to deal with the fallout from that. Wasn't coping well then.

This place has been amazing in a lot of ways. Even without video its easy to build relationships and find others who are or have been where you are.

And Nothing. But. Supportive. People. Here. I always recommend the Social part of the forum because with agoraphobia.....real social is not even fun.....but connecting here is fun and easy.