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News New study about the effects of shouting and verbal abuse on children


A new study finds that shouting and verbal abuse can be as bad for kids as physical forms of abuse
The study that you’ve linked doesn’t actually compare the outcome of verbal abuse with other forms of abuse at all. Doesn’t even try. Let alone conclude whether or it’s as bad as other forms of abuse.

It’s very frustrating when media outlets try and beat up academic studies to be saying something that they aren’t, because this study had interesting conclusions that deserved accurate attention.
That's how it was reported in the media...

I've linked the study itself, a relatively good article about it in the Guardian and a somewhat superficial summary on News Nation...

Edit to add: The Guardian cites this quotation from the study “These types of adult actions can be as damaging to a child’s development as other currently recognised and forensically established subtypes of mistreatment such as childhood physical and sexual abuse,” the academics say in their paper in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect.