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Sufferer New to the forum - trying to find new therapist after divorce

hi all - thank you for the suggestions. i am going to go now. i understand this is a problem i need to take care of myself. i appreciate the book suggestions. i will keep looking for a new T. As i am sure with all of you money is tight - kids needs come first. the books should keep me treading water. i apologize for being a problem or bother.

have a good Thanksgiving everyone .
You're not at all a problem or a bother. And I hope you're able to start to believe that.

We're all here because we're struggling and finding ways to make life better for ourselves. Sometimes it can feel very exposing coming on here and reaching out, even though we don't know each other's identities.
You're with people who understand and lots of us, whilst we have different experiences share the same feelings.

The message in your head that you are a problem or a bother is a lie/cognitive distortion. One a lot of us share. Practising reaching out and expressing what you need, like you have done, is really good. Becoming aware of the cognitive distortions and giving counter messages helps. This is a forum for people to seek support. So if everyone else doing it isn't a bother, why would you be the only one that is?

Would doing online therapy work for you? That can open up therapists outside your area. Might be worth a try? And might mean you get a therapist sooner?
It is not a matter of perfection for me but feeling like i am being a bother / imposing on someone.
for me, that feeling of being a bother is directly connected to my perfectionism. i am a bother if my contribution to the convo isn't perfect. according to my perfectionism, perfect people don't have problems.
i am going to try to return to the shadows now.
electric lights are one of my meaner psych triggers. child pornography and gang rape beneath a farm light. . . that be a mean trigger to carry through the light ages in which we live. the brighter the light, the deeper the shadows. the shadows are where you will find me, craving the ancient lights of the stars.