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Nightmares - How I Got Rid of Them

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Much appreciated for that explanation Grace. Very sensible. As Evie says, yours truly didn't have much luck explaining. ;-)

Hi spiitofnow...welcome to the forum!

I also have goten much needed relief from my nightmares....i sometimes am afraid to go to sleep if my mind has been working ovetime but they are fewer and far between and now when and if I do have them...they don't upset me as much ( It might make me have a bad day ) but I am not as fearful of the nightmares so much anymore. It has taken a lot of work and in my case a lot of CBT.
Guys, I wish I was progressing in this dept. as well as everyone else, I still have horrendous dreams and at times just bawl. I wake up at least 5 times a night and intercept alot of them by waking. I am haunted when I sleep sadly. :mad:
Love the Star Trek pun..."warped sense of humour"...LOL

LOL I didn't think anyone caught that! ;)

Portabella, I'm sorry to hear you're still having so many nightmares. It definitely sucks. Mine have actually increased lately too. I know what it's about though, I am being triggered on the forum, so if I slowly work through my triggers here I know the nightmares will decrease once more. It definitely sucks though, I thought I was past having this much trouble. It feels like a setback for me.
You know, Evie - just being in the hospital again for stomach surgery may also be an extreme trigger for the nightmares right now. Just a thought...

Joking aside, the not sleeping to handle the nightmares is all I can do right now. Little catnaps but the PTSD is too out of control to really sleep at the moment. Too bad we can't have a big "non-slumber" party. =)
Interesting Grace. As you likely know - Evie's trauma was being shot in the stomach. Then she went through multiple surgeries. Never made the connection though! Very sensible and could be.

I try for sensible but don't often make it, Jim, so thank you. =) I would imagine it would be "strange" not to be triggered by the latest surgeries - in my opinion, of course. Even the not being able to eat was probably something that happened after the original trauma? Hoping it subsides ever so quickly, Evie!
I actually never thought of that either Grace... strange. I've had so many surgeries since being shot, and then having cancer also, that I never really gave it much thought. I suppose it could be connected though. Thanks for the suggestion.
Mr. Spock (who I relate to sooo much!!)

Interesting... I tend to relate to Mr. Data a bit more than Mr. Spock, as I am always striving to become more human and discover new emotions. Also because at times I feel more like a clueless encyclopedia than a social butterfly.
Oh yeah, I like Data too, and relate to him in some ways, but moreso to Spock. I think I relate to Spock because he has emotions but he doesn't know what to do with them. He processes his emotions in a totally different way than most people, and that is the same for autistics, we process our emotions differently than someone who is not autistic. Spock is kind of a tortured soul really, has feelings but hides them and doesn't feel like he can relate to others. That's kind of more me. Data doesn't seem too tortured. ;)
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