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Nightmares - How I Got Rid of Them

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I guess I don't know much about Spock, didn't watch much of the original series just the movies... I thought Vulcans just tried to suppress emotions, which is what I idealized when I was a kid. I believed emotions were an unfortunate and ridiculous thing to have until I moved away from home and started to change.

I'm told by people that they can't read me because I don't display much emotion. Also recently told that I'm a very logical person, that I'm very tolerant of people and impossible to get riled up. Makes me wonder if I seem like Spock on the outside.

I also relate to 7 of 9 in some ways, especially how she lost her childhood and had to learn basic social skills as an adult. Also how she doesn't seem to care about certain social nuances.

And your right, Data isn't a tortured soul. Certainly the last character I'd expect to post on here. Speaking of which, this would make an interesting thread...
Oh I forgot about Seven of Nine. I actually do relate to her as well in a lot of respects. Probably even moreso than to Spock. I also relate to Picard in some ways because he's intelligent and people like him but he is basically a loner and keeps apart from others mostly. I was actually most like Picard when I did the Myers Briggs and compared to the Star Trek characters. Picard is a Rational Mastermind and that was my result as well.

If you're interested, the Myers Briggs test is here : http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp and the Star Trek comparisons are here : http://www.wischik.com/damon/Texts/myersbriggstrek.html
Batgirl, they state that "mastermind" is less than 1% of the populous taking this test. I also came out as "mastermind INTJ". I now wonder if this is a trait of those of us with PTSD or is this just coincidence. I would be curious to find out how other people's came out?
Seems like every time I take the Meyers-Briggs I get a different personality profile. This time it's telling me I'm extroverted, which is ridiculous.

The Star Trek comparison was fun though, thanks Evie. I was Q, however I identified more with the descriptions of Kirk and The Doctor.
Took that recently and got an INTJ as well. It is a curious thing. I've been a bit harsher than other people sometimes but I still often ended up being made group leader while in school and later at college. Looked into it on wikipedia and of that rational temperament I think my traits are about evenly divided between the fieldmarshal and mastermind variants. I thought that strange until I read more closely that it was the secondary type, and if I had to I know I could shift to the primary type. I can force myself to be very extroverted when absolutely needed but I don't really like having to do that.
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