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No help, too much politics

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by Sailor_Jerry89, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Prough

    Prough Member

    It doesn't seem to matter what the law says. As long as people think they're illegal, service dog nazi will remain an irritation to the disabled. It's pretty rare to see someone face heavy penalties for having a dog that has undergone public access training, for a legit medical reason. The biggest annoyance I've seen is being banned from stores. It seems to vary by community and thier respective tolerances. Usualy they just tell you and your dog to f*ck off, and if you show up later without the dog everyone moves on. There's also plenty of stores that respect you, your service dog, therapy lizard, or safety space hamster's right to spend all the money you please, in their fine establishment.
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  3. Simply Simon

    Simply Simon Be Bold. Moderator Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    In the US, businesses (with the exception of airlines and possibly landlords) are not allowed to ask 1) for SD ID/registration/proof of service certification 2) what your non-visible disability is 3) for you to leave and come back without your animal UNLESS the animal has proven unsuitable by making unreasonable noise or eliminating on the premises. I'm pretty sure businesses CAN ask to see a service-related task as proof of service status EXCEPT if your animal is identified as being in-training, which grants all the same access as a full SD.

    Yes, people are f*cking assholes sometimes. No, that doesn't mean you should not use your SD as a valuable tool to increase your access as a disabled citizen. Forget carrying some SD ID; carry the ADA laws in your wallet instead and show THAT to business owners. I don't think some children should be allowed into businesses, but I don't bitch about it, because they have a right to be there whether I think it's appropriate or not.

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