Not dealing well with inflation


I just had a blackout kind of nap. We've been in inflation at least since the fall so I should have a hang of it, but I don't. I just try to adjust and all I've been doing it try to cut what I buy, where, how much. Until yesterday- I realized it was time for a work change and I was content... For like a second.

Today I was having a late morning so I went out to get something from the bakery for lunch(the cheapest ready option). And it was 30c more than usual. 15% increase in a price that already increased twice since the fall. And then I saw black. It was like a sign saying it's going to get worse and you have no safety net and no backbone. I went home, ate, and fell asleep in some fog. Still resting, put an alarm in case the feeling extends. I Slept 30min and although I've eaten healthy today I feel weak, like when your blood pressure is low. My whole body aches. I've barely started putting my life back together, I'm not ready for all that's been happening since September.