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One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

My husband took some of the grandkids over to our farm this afternoon. There are gigantic electric transmission towers that run through certain sections of the fields. My husband is known for the tall tales he tells the kids, so they often ask me, "Nana, is that true or cornball?" Today as he showed them the crops, he said, "This is the corn I planted and these are the soybeans I planted and these are the electric towers I planted." Our 7 year old is way too smart for him. Without cracking a smile he asked his grandpa, "Pa, how big were the seeds you planted?"
The strangest thing at work the other day: 4 or 5 people I serve started calling me by my diminutive name, and another one by a version that only 5 of the closest, best people in my life/ heart ever chose to call me/ nickname. Everyone gets the pronunciation of my name wrong, so no big deal to me, I sometimes try to correct it once then forget it. I let them call me the wrong name for my own psychological distance. Lots choose a nickname. But, I felt different, like I was actually present. And frankly, the distance I need at work isn't to the people I help. So that made me smile.
Not one but 2 families from long ago contacted me to thank me. Not related to Thanksgiving but rather their loss. I am honored. And oddly, I had thought about both and their families when they died though I didn't know, one struggling one the very day. They were shocked but was true. Now Idk if I should change my phone number, because I was thinking of getting a new phone tomorrow as screen got cracked.

Little birds that sat on my window yesterday. Not near it, but under the eave on it. 🥰

A bar-b-q yesterday I didn't expect. And no cooking this weekend. I don't mind it but yay!
I asked someone for a big favor and she agreed. I am having my cousin from out of town picked up and brought to my place for the weekend, next weekend. I haven't seen him in some time and while we are almost complete opposites, still, I love him like a brother despite all his faults and flaws. We both love MMJ, music, and reminiscing so we should have a good time. Having something to look forward to made me smile today.