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One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

@Ecdysis you made me laugh, that reminded me, a coworker/ friend also made me laugh, she said to me the other day, "You hair is beautiful, It's messy but it works!" Thanks.. I think? 🤣 I can't control it anyway and react to most products touching my skin and need a cut. Maybe I'll check out the hacks. All I can think of is the bowl cut. 😄

Reminds me of a sister of mine who said once, hugging me, "You have beautiful eyes. Those spots in them are fat deposits." Actually they are sun damage, and now one is crossed again. So though it's her (usual kind of) compliment/insult it makes me laugh as I think now she'd have lots of material to work with. 🤣
Today hope came at the parking lot of an abandoned strip mall next to Mall Wart, where the addict outcasts gather, in the form a bent over woman feeding pigeons popcorn while next to her a man with a bike watched, and also in the spicy scent of carnations I purchased from said Mart. Carnations and pigeons are two pillars of hope for me, I realize.