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One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

swimming the other day and a dragonfly wouldn't leave me alone. As I float on my back a dragonfly landed on my hand. I let it sit there for probably 30-40 min...it would fly away to fight other dragonflies and return to my hand a few seconds later...I just closed my eyes and he hung like I say for 30 min. He came back and landed on my nose...looking at his blurry body with my crossed eyes...made me laugh.
@MrMoonlight, I knew there was a reason a dragonfly lands on you but have forgotten. I Googled it, and landed on a site called, ready for it? The Moonlight Shop!!! It talks about it being symbolic of changes and staying in the moment. All good things. Google it. I think you will be surprised. He picked you for a reason!! Nature letting you know how important the changes you have been thru are. Lots of hugs for this one!! OG.
How weird is that @ladee ! I'm reading now...so many cool things associated with them. It was funny I was using two big pool noodles to float so most of my body was below the water including my hand. I keep it raised out of the water for 30 min...I would briefly dip my hand and arm in the water when he left but as soon as my hand breached the surface it would land...It was getting hot from the sun but I kept it out because he was so insistent. Of course, landing on my nose made me laugh. Thanks for the tip on the meaning, so cool....and how weird the name of the site...
What a special moment that was, @MrMoonlight ! I really enjoy reading the animal totem meanings each time something crosses my path. I find it fascinating. What a feeling to be in the presence of another living thing, especially the wild things that aren't domesticated or caged and made to be there, just by chance, and having it seem like it wants to hang out. ❤

I smiled today when I found out my nephew finally got in touch with my sister after being gone since last Friday, not showing up to mow my late mom's property as he faithfully has for the last couple months, and not letting anyone know where he was or if he was ok. My heart is relieved. Now I'm feeling the anger for his mindlessness that I couldn't allow myself to feel when I was worried something was wrong.
It was kinda cool @Tornadic Thoughts , he really hung for a long time. Was thinking about going today but am not feeling up to it today. Last time he snuck back, I was laying with my eyes closed feet anchored atop the steps, he was there, on my big toe when I opened my eyes.

Smile today was from listening to Joey Diaz "the church" podcast. He is a comedian, and one of us...his life shaped a lot by trauma when h was a kid. He came home at 15yo on acid...he found his, mom, dead on the kitchen floor. Anyway, he is a "blue" comic and frigging funny as hell. I listen to him often.
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