One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

That's miles of smiles right there, @Teasel ! Made me get up and groove, too! Thank you. 😁

I smiled tonight when I noticed the sound that bubbles make when they pop in the bathtub - not bubble bath bubbles - but the bottles of bubbles you get the little plastic ring thingy with and blow - being blown into an empty bath tub.

I always remember @Sideways and @ladee when I break out the bottle of bubbles to shift my train(s) of thought, thanks to previous discussions of bubbles somewhere here in the forum. So. Much. Fun!

Didn't want to go out in the cold after dark, and didn't want to stain the wood floors by just randomly blowing them through the house, so I blew some in the bath tub. Such a cool sound! Bubble therapy in the tub, regardless of the chosen method, ranks at the top of my, "I could really benefit from that" list. 😊


Watching "Stop the steal" rally in Washington DC footage.

It feels good to see that I'm NO WAY alone, in the way I think, politically and even spiritually.

I love the good, freedom-loving, discerning people of America, and the world, but, ESPECIALLY awake Americans, as they are the harbingers of freedom from tyranny (at present, much of it corporate - including big tech, corporate media and globalist and CCP colluding technocrats, in my opinion) for the entire world, I believe.

Our democratic freedoms, hard won freedoms, and sense of personal responsibilities, which leads to self-empowerment, is only possible in an atmosphere of self-and-other accountability and what is going on in the USA, now, is a pivotal point, in whether freedom and personal responsibility wins or fear-based manipulators and deceptive control freaks win.

I love to see people thinking discerningly and acting responsibly. Makes me hopeful, VERY hopeful.🙂

Tornadic Thoughts

Going through photos I took on my various walks/pet sitting and babysitting gigs/visits with loved ones/etc. from the last 5 or so years. Seeing the things that caught my attention and that I took the time to try to focus on and capture was good medicine for the heart space. 💚


I ordered an Animal Oracle called "The Ark" and I found out it is going to be here on Monday. That made me smile because it was on backorder for 4 weeks. I have an avid interest in animals as spirit allies and oracles and tarot as a means to deeper self-understanding. For instance, the Lion which is a totem animal for me has keywords associated with it and they are Strength, Majesty, Love Wins, Mind Over Matter, etc. I like that because it fits in with the reasons that I chose a lion to represent me here. Anyway, I won't go into more details but suffice it to say, it all makes me smile!!! 😁


Kind of was amazed, the other day (my bday) of favorite things I didn't expect, eg hand-written cards/ letters (my favorite even though that's old fashioned, but thanks to pandemic restrictions); sparkling snow without minus 30. And a rabbit (hare??) prints on my front lawn 8 feet apart, OMG 😳 . Expect it could have been chased but/ or imagine the size of that bunny??? 🤯😊

Today there are normal prints from a bunny exactly up (or down?) and around the middle of my entire sidewalk. 😁🐰 :. :. :. :.


I am being more productive today. I have started to do some homework for therapy, made a grocery list and plan on doing some house work today. It feels good to do something other then playing games all the time. So im smiling this morning.