One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

Seeing folks of all ages interacting with several therapy dogs at a local book store event - and meeting a delightful lady wearing a sweatshirt that said, "Yes. That's correct. And the horse you rode in on." 🤣 I also spotted her tie-dye socks. Loved her style and her smile. 😊


New Here
not cliche...

But seeing this board site linked at the top of my browser.
Knowing I can come here where most people could relate to me or give me some great insight that I would never think of.

Thank you to everyone here.



This gave me a laughing jag or fit, which I’m still having. I think it’s shopped a little for effect, but every time I look at it for about the past two hours I become hysterical and tears shoot out both my eyes. I haven’t laughed like That since I can remember. Feels good.