One Thing That Made You Smile Today?


A rainy day to sit and mend after a long day clearing brush yesterday. The ability to get so much done by mostly just walking from one piece of powered equipment to the next, sitting inside by a fire looking out at a corner of the lot that was berry vines and is now becoming.....freshly cleared muddy ground that will nurture all of the roots left behind into young vibrant blackberries in about a week. The circle of life.


An unexpected call from a friend who insisted they visit me at work next weekend.
Being officially on Vacatation! Day 1 was a lot of work, but Day 2 on I hope will be a lot different. So my plans changed, so what? It's only as important as I make it,, and I have learned some big lessons once and for all about what is and isn't for me, and who or what is genuine. And given the saying it takes a large boat a lot of time to turn around, I'm officially naming myself a Catamaran. 30+ knots or bust. And concentrating on the positive and eliminating and avoiding the negative, to the extent I can. Who knows by Day 3. 😊
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