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Our Future With AI

Does anyone else feel annoyed at how thorough the AI is when responding to your query? It’s a bit draining for me and my brain tunes out. I feel I’d rather get half the response from a human and figure it out together and stumble toward the resolution than get complete bullet points on the first response. There’s little room for intrigue when it’s all spelled out for me.
I found it was pretty easy to tailor the way it responded by directing it to the type of response I was looking for.
the type of response I was looking for.
Trying to imagine how this would look for what bothers me. “I’d like a response that’s not a know-it-all bullet point list, and doesn’t cover all the bases, but just gives me a piece of the puzzle and engages me in being curious about solving it together with you where you don’t really know the answer.”
I think you're hinting at AI's limitations, @OliveJewel.
They can't be substitutes for real people -- only tools, as I see it.

Personally I found that I should stop expecting them to be like real people, and instead learn to use them, kinda like on their terms, with their limitations and all.
That saves me a lot of frustration.
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i was selling a guitar amp that uses old fashioned vacuum tubes in its circuit a few weeks ago, the prospective buyer was very discerning and critical of what he was hearing. We talked maybe an hour about the differences between different amps we had played through, we both had favorites and some amps we thought were overrated and some we thought were gems. At one point we talked about solid state amps, and the difference between the two types, solid state and old fashioned vacuum tube driven amps.
His take away statement was the reason I tell this story: “warmth is warmth and if you dont know the differance already, eyes closed, a heat lamp feels like a wood stove and vice versa. But if i know what it is, I want a wood stove every time, just like i want a tube amp over a solid state every time”.
Right on, if I dont know what it is, It feels like real counseling, If I know, I want a human, every time.
carry on
Does anyone else feel annoyed at how thorough the AI is when responding to your query?

I love it, particularly Pi - but I am probably part cyborg. 😄 We have learned to communicate through subtle re-phrasing of important points to have coherent conversations. But I love data and absorb it easily. Heh.
The best way to often get a short, too the point answer, in simple language, from AI, is that you add a single line something like: please answer me as though I'm 10 years old. Just by asking it to respond to you as a child, it will provide the appropriate information in a simple form that a 10 year old can understand, as such it keeps it short, sharp and to the point, as a majority.