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Cat named. "Ash" short for Ashley 20181102_130022_Film2.jpg

shatter eyes

My forever friend "Olivia". She was a rescue non-native turtle that was found crossing the highway. A gentle and often funny personality. Her face gives off a friendly vibe. When she came to me she was on the brink of dying with pneumonia and ulcerative shell disease along with many secondary illnesses. The shell had rotted into the bone which took about 4 years to regrow. She has many battle scars and carries them with a good attitude. She is extremely fast too. This year she passed away from the accumulated neglect from me. 3+ years since the crash that changed my life. I took this photo years before my TBI PTSd. I call her a wise turtle under the tree of wisdom. RIP Olivia.

Forgive me I failed to care for you as I once did. Remember the good times my forever friend.