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Chopper the service dog! Who loves that face?

I know he's not a pet but wanted to post anyway. Hope that's ok.
I seem to have acquired a tiny pet lizard. He or she is black or a dark color anyway. The little fellow is maybe two inches long, or as long as my pinky finger. I will let him run around the house, but I have no idea what he eats. If he likes insects, there's not many here. So I don't know what to feed him. Any ideas?
@Changing4Best try identifying the type of lizard through an app called Google Lens. Sometimes the app works well. Also searching the net for your local lizards or calling the pet stores might assist. I had a Son who dragged home many critters and was often stymied by our mystery guests.?

Since their diets or need of habitats can vary so much it is good to be sure in order to keep the little one happy. Have fun!
Today my pets hit two big achievements.

My bird sat outside with me with his flight wings because I trusted him. He dependably flies to me every day (not by cue yet, just seeking me.) He didn’t try to fly away while we sat outside on the patio, but if he startled and flew I think I could recover him or he would come back—thankfully I have not had to test this and he is only flying in the house.

The other achievement is my cat walked around on the patio with the harness on. She will accept wearing the harness dependably now and even allowed her leash today for a few minutes, for the first time. Last time I tried the leash, she panicked at the feeling of dragging the leash, but this time she paused and let me take it off.

The cat keeps progressing with her harness training. The bird keeps flying to me. We are developing together as a team.
I found Mr.Schulz has much more energy than my Ménière’s Ear Disease allows sometimes for me to properly exercise him. Because he needs at least 30-40 minutes a day not to be a jumping bean, I bought with my stimulus check a doggy treadmill. I am sharing this for others who battle fatigue or walking challenges. Consider a treadmill rather than giving up your Service Dog or pet. *Note I am not in anyway affiliated with any products...just sharing as it is how I could be a proper furbaby Mom and wanted to offer an option for those whom have trouble walking.


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