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One of my Newfs after playing in the snow..............


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@fern, Oh how I love torties. She looks like a sweet girl!! I had one for 24 years, Ms Diva. I miss her still. Give your baby kisses for me please. Thanks for sharing a picture of Miss Emmie.
24 years is a wonderfully long life! And Im sure she felt completely content and loved with you during those years.
It's been a very special process to see her start to feel safe and trust us. Our connections with our animal companions are so sacred and healing
I’m fairly certain my cat thinks we’re stealing his toys to tie our hair up with... and has taken to hiding “his” hair ties in a secret location. 3 women in this house, and not a hair tie between us.

ZehCat just looks a leeeeetle too smug as we’re all walking around -half bent over- looking for one of the ones he’s notorious for snitching off the counters whilsr we sleep & leaving somewhere on the Persian rugs. (It’s hard to find anything on a Persian rug.) <cue western stand-off music here, and perhaps add a rolling tumbleweed> The graveyard for stolen hair ties? Empty. And there sits ZehCat, looking as if he’s just solved the Middle East Peace Problem.

I’m onto you, furface.
This is Dixie, she was my sister's fur baby. After sis passed I had to find her a new home because I physically could not take care of her. Very sweet dog, a little hyper for an apartment but she found a new home on a farm. The new owners had her groomed and then sent me this photo. She always appeared to be happy and content, she was well-loved.
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