Our Pets

@Friday I am laughing so hard! The thing that I have noticed is how much tolerance we can find in our hearts for the shenanigans of our beloved pets versus stupid human tricks.🤔 Perhaps because unconditional love is so rare of a gift that our acceptance comes without hesitation (or the vet bill would be too high) either works.

However, after reading about your imposter of a husky, I certainly can forgive my dog for burying all his stuffed toys. He thanks you btw😂 However, I am still hesitant about my pumpkin patch this fall 🤨
the friend who helps me with our animals, C, her eldest son has wanted to hatch eggs for ages and so earlier this year with C’s permission DH and I bought him some quail eggs and lent him the incubator. He’s going to build 60 ft long aviary alongside one of our barns this summer for his 6 hatched quails 😂. He got his first egg yesterday. Beautiful little birds - I just wish they could free range- caged birds upset me- but the aviary will be more than ample sized .
When your Mother’s Day gift to yourself is to make your furbaby happy with a doggy nerf ball… you know he’s got your heart. Happy Mother’s Day to all the parents of precious critters.


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Never been a cat person but I got ziggy about 12 years ago for my daughter. We found him abandoned as a kitten and I bottle fed him and tamed him. When we split she gave ziggy to a tweaker. I stole him back. The tweaker was not happy. Had him ever since. He's a pretty good cat.

Edit- She=daughters mom.

The noodler wanting attention.

Callie doesn't like being told to stay.


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