Physical Pain


Yeah. Fortunately, I don't have spasms much. But during the times I do, I totally agree!

I would love to do tai chi or qi gong, because both have helped me in the past. I have a *very* difficult time doing them on my own, though, even with videos, and I have so much anxiety with even the thought of going to a class. Honestly, my anxiety is really off the charts lately, and having to do anything that requires me to be out of my home and interacting with people is just too much. It's why I try to at least walk.

Oh wow...I'm sorry about this! Certain times of the year are difficult for me when I go to bed, but for the most part, I think the pain at night is just left over from the daytime. I am extremely tense during the day sometimes, which I know makes the pain worse.
Could you stretch financially to something one on one rather than group? Even if it’s less often? It might help you follow a practice on line of a collective online real time tai chi practice where you aren’t there physically but get more used to ‘groups’ in a safe space?