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Podcasts anyone?

Hey almost started a thread on Podcast then I saw yours @Teasel ! So wow, I love the suggestions and will have a ball from member recommendations. Thank you!

This is from a TedTalk Podcast. I didn’t sign up or anything. It is relatively new from Brené Brown and author Adam Grant. I learned some really solid practices for business, personal and other relationship vulnerability with boundaries. The podcast was so useable for me on fine tuning some aspects of how much much to share for your personal comfort zone (verses what is dumping), that I think I might be able to move something in a personal relationship that had me stymied! So here it is…

Okay, a bit of an old post, but since I'm always looking for good podcasts, I thought I'd thrown some of my faves out there:

Imagined Life
Business Wars
The Food That Built America
Even the Rich
Atlas Obscura
Against the Odds
Every Little Thing

none have anything to do with mental health because sometimes I just need a break from my head.
Also wanted to start a podcast thread but found this one!

Two I listened to today

Lex Fridman Podcast
Jordan Peterson: Life, Death, Power, Fame, and Meaning

YouTube has been pushing Jordan Peterson on me hard! I generally disagree with him, but he is compelling! And I like Lex Friedman’s style of long interviews and his way of questioning. After listening to this podcast I found it hard to disagree with JP, but his style is a bit abrasive, arrogant. I’m not really his target audience, but his self-assuredness is intriguing!

Knotwork Storytelling
Ethne and the Cauldron of Hospitality