PTSD and white noise


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A friend has recommended that I use white noise to help me sleep. I tend not to sleep very well when my boyfriend is away at work; the stress sometimes triggers an event. I've listened to snippets of white noise and I'm not too sure it would work. I don't want something that might make episodes worse. She swears by it; it seems to work very well for her. Sidenote: she also suffers from PTSD. I am ambivalent about its use; if it works then I'm all for it. But I also don't want something that could make my PTSD worse either. I was wondering if anyone has used this technique besides my friend. I believe in getting as many opinions as possible before I make a purchase. I appreciate any and all who respond to my query. 🔊


I can't sleep with complete quiet; it creates an enormous amount of anxiety and then I can'ta fall asleep.

I have a small sound machine that plays several different sounds--thunder is my favorite, and helps me fall asleep within a few minutes.