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General Rant and complain thread open to all supporters

He woke up!! I asked if he was ok? He said "Sometimes my body just needs to shut down. I don't know why. But I don't get good sleep during the week."

Is it a physical or mental response? A combination? Idk.
Could it be his new meds? I mean, therapy and stress are exhausting and knocked me on my ass for several weeks (along with destressing after quitting my job) but sleeping for 24 hours? ya...that aint right. :hug:
There's really no such thing as catch up sleep. There is a big difference between rest & recovery whilst awake and being sleep deprived.
The sleep specialist I spoke to recently said they were wrong about that, that they’ve been learning that sleep is far more complicated than they previously thought... and that week long & month long sleep studies are giving them entirely new data sets to work off of, compared to the single night studies that have been industry norm for the past few decades. He said it’s a very exciting time to be working in his field because of the collaboration between compSci & neurology is completely changing the way they’re able to map sleep and the effects on the brain and body.
said they were wrong about that,
^Ok. Apart from returning to a routine of adequate sleep on a regular basis how does one catch up on sleep?

they’ve been learning that sleep is far more complicated than they previously thought... and that week long & month long sleep studies are giving them entirely new data sets to work off of,
^Yes I agree. I've been making it a bit of project of it too.. A lot of old ideas and theories have been debunked. Like the one about so called 'power naps'. And anecdotal evidence seems to back that up. I'm far better if I just deprive myself of sleep rather than have p/naps and then try and wake up & throw my brain into gear again.

Another being that you can deprive yourself of sleep either intentionally or accidentally and then catch-up a week later. And keep doing this on a routine basis. Apparently, according to what I've read, if you deprive yourself of sleep - that's it, the brain doesn't like it, doesn't do extra cycles of deep NREM or REM to catch up. There's no overdrive gear. No cueing effect where it will plough through a weeks worth of activity to catch up and then once caught up return to a steadier cycle.

I'm not saying one doesn't feel better after a sleep in, after a late night in a one off situation. Feeling better isn't a real indicator of what happening with the brain and the continued interruption to it's cycles. Even then, though we don't notice, our brains will reduce NREM or REM depending on which end of the sleep cycle we are deprived in. That's bad for our brains - long term.
I can get up to 18 hours of sleep per day with my hypersomnolence, and the remaining 6 hours when I'm like that is usually 2 sluggish and unproductive awake-ish periods of 3 hours, rather than 1 single, functional 6 hour window to get things done.

Feels much the same as insomnia. For me personally, it's an indication that my mood is down. It's really hard to pull out of. Even now, most days my normal amount of sleep is 12-14 hours overnight and at least another hour during the day.

My sister takes dexamphetamine to help her with a similar issue. I can't take it any more because it's a DD prescription here and I'm not eligible for it, but I used to take it and it was super helpful with the chronic sleepiness.

And what I was actually coming here to say is this complete BS. Why is my sister still coddled and encouraged to do SFA about her mental illness while I'm working my fking arse off? Fk it. Just...FK IT. (Rant over - my understanding is that I'm not required to provide a balanced argument when I'm ranting. I could do that, but I'm so sick of everyone making excuses for her absolutely intolerable behaviour, and me being one of those people, and so No, I'm not in a space where I can do anything other than just rant right now).

How the FK did I end up being one of her supporters anyways? Fk it. Fk it all. It sucks apples big time and I'm not a happy camper today. She can get fked with her issues. Time to start learning how to behave like a reasonable friggin human being already.
@G.P. Given your educational background, and the behavior you describe on part of your husband a few posts up, you may be interested in looking into cluster B comorbidity with PTSD. There are some movements that suggest BPD, for example, is CPTSD by a different name. Educating myself on Cluster B has helped me move out of the empathy-codependence trap that my focus on PTSD had me in, and changed my outlook on his behavior to a very helpful degree. My ex’s behavior could not be explained by PTSD alone and that was quite a relief to release.
"empathy and codependence"....almost invariably the other half of the unhealthy partnership with PTSD individual, compounding the problem. Very refreshing comment, Hojay.
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