General Rant and complain thread open to all supporters


Oh yes. I miss fun and socializing a lot.
I think camping is pretty safe as long as you camp in the woods and not on a camping site.

Meanwhile my vet still has a little cough and he is stressed. I notice he s stressed everything he coughs. He currently doesn’t really have somebody to talk to. He currently is not talking to a therapist. He had been meeting with a group of other men with ptsd before corona... and they have been skyping but they do think corona is a hype and that it is unpatriotic to care to much for that.

A bit hard to explain. In my country it has become very political and it is mostly the political left now who are afraid of corona while the political conservatives say that there is a lot of collateral damage from th corona laws and that it is unpatriotic and selfish to be afraid of corona and make the economy go bankrupt (to sum a lengthy discussion up in short words).

So, they say people who are afraid of corona are lacking patriotism and love for freedom... and basically in this climate my vet doesn’t discuss he is afraid of it. So basically he just said “I want my freedom back“ and didn’t discuss how afraid he actually was (and still is).

Now they are already planning to meet in person again and one guy wanted to come over and wanted to sit in the garden with my vet, but vet said “no“ and vet thinks guy was offended.


I am bit drunk so sorry if this is inadequate but I am pissed if when people always say masks shouldn’t be mandatory because of PTSD - because it triggers individuals with ptsd. My guy is triggered by people not wearing masks... wrote about it on another board. Wrote my guy is triggered by a lot of other things to. Wrote he is triggered by not taking a weapon to the supermarket, wrote he is triggered by having to wait in line and that he cannot expect to take a weapon to the supermarket or to not have to wait in line.
People said if my guy is triggered by not having a weapon + by having to wait in line he is dangerous to be around. He is not.
People wrote if he is afraid of people not wearing masks he should just stay at home.

I mean I know it was controversial but why doesn’t he matter why don’t we matter? Why do only those who are triggered by having to wear masks matter and not those triggered by germs and not the many, many old and high risk people who have to fear for their life’s if people do not wear masks.


Now my thread on the other board has been deleted. Feeling sort of sorry for myself now. I didn’t want to hurt anybody but I think I have the right to have an opinion about this.

Feeling horrible like I exposed my guy to those people so they could say horrible things about him.

BTW I was not talking about this board but another.


My guy wants nothing for breakfast but watermelon but we do not have watermelon and he knows it. So he decided to eat... nothing.
He is not eating much those days.


My vet is finally meeting with a friend this Friday. It’s gonna be the first time in months and he is very afraid. I am not sure yet if he will really do it. He also plans to go shopping this week. Again first time in months... and not necessary because we have everything we need and can buy at delivery service but he just WANTS to do it. I hope it’s gonna end well.


So my vet really went shopping (early in the morning when the shop had just opened). People were mostly disciplined, everybody wearing masks (as is the law in shops in our country) but some didn’t cover their noses. Most kept their distance (again it’s the law). But my vet was still happy when he was outside again and doesn’t know if he is going to do it again.
He also met with a friend (outside, both wearing masks) and he felt lots of hypervigilance in the beginning but later it was okay. His friend knows my vet is triggered by the coronavirus and that he might feel hypervigilant. However both of us didnt sleep well this night. My vet had a nightmare of being infected with the coronavirus and felt like he needed to talk in the middle of the night.
This morning my Vet is a bit afraid having caught the coronavirus. I think he will relax in a week when he still shows no sign of corona infection. He is making coffee and cinnamon rolls now. I am sooooooooooo tired.
Sorry you can't sleep.

I use the squishy ear plugs. Most of the time I'm just glad he's asleep though.

I had a decent day. Nothing to bitch about at present. But I'll be back.

I’m hearing you the bitching, the name calling etc
I’m here though, because I love him and know he needs help
Between my fiancé with ptsd and my son with ASD
where do I turn
I dont
I just need to keep doing the best I can because I love them
Does anyone out there have any advice?
Hey @Kimberly Williams, this is a great place to share all your ups and downs. You could start a diary. There is so much valuable information, truth and honesty here. Things you won't find anywhere else.

Glad you found us. Sorry you had to. ✌
This site is great and I could use all the support I could get
One day at a time and all in a days work
Unconditional love
I just want both of them to get well.
I pray and ask God daily
And I pray for all of you