General Rant and complain thread open to all supporters


I have been "hiding" the news from J for weeks. His stupid mother calls and says "have you seen all the rioting, violence and looting going on"?


Which news have you been hiding? About the corona pandemic or about the riots? Thanks God we do not have riots where I am from. In fact the rate of crime and any kind of violence has strongly declined since the pandemic started.
It must be very scary with those riots. How did he react?


Never falter, we finally got stable with the virus. Then J went out to the stores with his brother on Saturday and he came home in a very bad mood. Total chaos.

We dont watch the news and I only give him basic information. Need to know stuff. With the protesting, violence and looting I have tried to keep that from him because he wasn't doing well enough to take on more stress. I was going to see how things progressed and slowly give him information. He is a protector and when he is unable to protect, he can easily fall into depression. He was already depressed so I did not want to make things worse. So much for that.

I NEVER bring up these topics with him. Ever. I always let him start the conversations when he feels up to it. Avoidance? Maybe. I like to think we are managing his stressors and triggers. Why would I want to discuss things that trigger him? I wouldn't. So we rarely discuss current affairs when he is symptomatic. We discuss things that interest us. Dreams. Hopes. Aspirations. Silly stuff.

When he is symptomatic and brings up these heavy topics, I listen. He usually just wants to vent, like we all do. I stay calm and quiet. I give him my complete attention. I don't debate. I acknowledge his thoughts and feelings. I answer his questions, short and to the point.

Sheesh. It sounds like I'm walking on eggshells. I don't feel that I am though because 1. I'm happy. 2. These are crazy times so we have to up our ptsd skills. 3. My need are being met. 4. I am a supporter.

I am sending you a big hug! Your hubby must be in such mental and emotional pain right now. Between his PTSD and OCD he has to be really struggling. Huh? I am so so sorry he's hurting so bad. Hugs to him too!!

I can't imagine going through all of this with little ones at home. You must be having a hard time too. Are you taking care of yourself? Eating? Exercise? Fresh air? Long hot/cool bath? Don't forget about You. Ok?

To bring us back on topic... I so want to call this woman and give her a piece of my mind. If it was anyone else I would. When she asked J if he saw all the violence he said "we don't watch the news". The woman has been married to 2 combat veterans and has NO clue. She has and does cause so much unnecessary heartache. She plays everyone against each other. (Whatever!!)

(I love my family. I love my family. I love my family!!!)

✌& ?


I think I would call her and give her my a piece of my mind. But that’s just me. Your choice.

My guy, just lie your J. is a protector and it is difficult for him when there is something he cannot change just like this pandemic... and we really do not have the tools to protect our family (like I said there is mandatory schooling where we are, teacher sings a song with the children every time though singing generates aerosols which is risky when it comes to corona) and it is not possible to buy high quality children’s face masks... thankfully the risk of catching corona is not very high any more. It seems to be more or less under control.

I think he cannot protect us all of the time but most likely we still will be fine. I think it is more of less blind chance if we catch corona and depends on others not on us.
I think we need to embrace the fact that this is our new normal now.

Actually for me it is easier with the little ones at home than it would be without them. I am trying not to think of corona and actually avoiding vet a bit who needs to work a lot anyway - he is still working from home, possible in their job.
The kids seem to be happy. I hope they are. We have got four kids and we also meet with another family (just one who sees it like us to keep infection risk low) - so that they have company. Thanks God we have a big garden and we have a wood nearby.
I think it is really okay like this for a while... but only for a while. I have seen my friends only via zoom meetings for a while and I realize everybody is meeting their friends again.
I wanted to go horseback riding with a friend but then did not because my vet begged me not too (and scratched and bit himself) because he thought there was the risk of catching Covid... but I want to do that one day soon... however I think he still needs some time. He is under the impression I do not take it serious which is not the case.
I want to persuade him that we could go to an outdoor climbing park - not yet, but may be in a month or so if he feels ready for it. I think it would be low risk for corona if it is outdoors and we wash our hand afterwards.

I think we cannot wait until everything is 100 percent safe, can we? Could take years.


My vet has a fever and a cough. He didn’t mix with other people, we didn’t mix with many other people too and none of the rest of us is ill. We do not know where that comes from.
He still works from home and only went out to go jogging but only on his own and after dark when he didn’t meet many other people.
He is currently self isolating in the other building (this house has several buildings) and is not allowing anybody near him. Wanted to bring him chicken soup but he told me to go away.

He doesn’t want to see a doctor because he think if it is not the coronavirus then there is the chance of getting infected at the doctors office. He doesn’t have loss of taste and smell which we have been told is typical for Covid.

Still I think he is very afraid and to be honest I am afraid too though I am not sure if I was if he wasn’t acting like this.


So my vet tested negative for corona = he doesn’t have corona.
He had a small nervous breakdown than because this is all so horrible for him and he is convinced we will all catch it soon. It’s scary here because we have more local spread again. There used to be only few cars popping up but now it is many cases again.
Its scary he is so stressed. I hope that allow this is over soon. It just sucks. What is the first thing you guys are going to do once corona is over?


Go out and have fun! I’m soooooo cooped up!! We may try and do some camping next month, but I’m missing a proper vacation, concerts, shopping, casinos, and fun in general.