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Yes, a friend of my vet‘s had sepsis. I think I had a thread about it but I might be wrong because I cannot find it and he is afraid of his loved ones catching diseases. I explain here a bit but it‘s a long thread you do not have to read it.
It is just about how my vet sometimes overanalyses and is afraid of illness in his loved ones (actually not in himself) + my vet served in a dirty country so to speak. No offense meant. I hope you get me right. When a country is poor they often do not have the means to be clean.

I am talking about a very bad topic now. I really would like to give a trigger warning here. I k ow I am not allowed to do that but that topic is really one that is quite shocking.
Do you remember my Vet identified so much with Christopher Robin from that movie and I tried to learn about A.A. Milne (the author, who was a vet too) and I learned that he was deeply afraid of flies... and there was a reason for that. The flies they used to circle around corpses. I was so mega shocked when I heard that.
My vet never saw anything like this. I am 99,9999999999999 percent sure. He even likes some flies, the less yucky and dirty ones.

But I overheard vets having a conversation about how flies are very yucky and thought they were really silly because they pay attention to flies being yucky or not yucky who cares.
Only later I heard about AA Milne and the flies and I felt very sorry I thought they were being silly. Actually I do not think they ever had an experience like this but then one never knows.

I do not know if this is a good topic to talk about but I thought it was important info to know why flies are so disgusting or even scary to some people.


My vet never saw anything like this. I am 99,Link Removed percent sure. He even likes some flies, the less yucky and dirty ones.
I’m not bothered by flies, although mosquitos are evil incarnate and should all die, but if he was around death? He was around flies. The big fat drunken looking ones are even called “corpse flies” and they’re thick on anything in the heat. It only gets bad-bad in enclosed spaces... if a house has a few dozen of the bastards floating drunkenly around it? There will be thousands of them inside of it. Thick walls of flies. Shudder. So gross. And bodies in various states of awfulness.

When I was contracting -especially in filthy, festering, stinking swamps, where even a scrape can get infected an kill you, it’s so damn decaying and nasty out there- we used to dig around corpses for the maggots of those flies, because the best maggots are the ones that come from people. Although any animal will work, most of the time there were more dead people than animals, anyway. Left to rot where they lay, strung up as a warning, piled in heaps. The smell comes first, oily thick and horrible, and then the sound of flies. The AWESOME :woot: thing about maggots is that they only eat dead and diseased tissue, they leave healthy tissue alone. So you can put a handful of them on whatever’s gaping and bleeding, wrap them up/change them out a few times a day for hungry ones, and they’ll keep the wound clean. When you’re days hike from the nearest clean anything & medics? Those little suckers are life savers. And limb savers. They leave a nice, clean, neat wound to have sewn up back in civilization, instead of a stinking oozing festering swollen mess that’s blackening and sending red streaks of blood poisoning that even the best antibiotics can’t handle a lot of the time. Gangrene, sepsis, & death without maggots. They don’t stay maggots for long, so every day it’s digging around in dead things for more of them :sick:

We’d keep them in Altoid (mint) tins. Tried (tobacco) dip tins, but those were too airtight, and nicotine is an insecticide. Nicht so gut! The mint tins weren’t air tight (or water tight :facepalm: if it was raining or river crossing you had to make sure they didn’t drown :meh: I remember the first time I learned that... there’s a special kinda of STUPID feeling attached to realizing you’re carrying around drowned maggots) and the maggots didn’t mind the minty that didn’t wash out. I don’t have a problem with flies, or maggots (except in food :sick:although slime and mold is worse), but I haven’t been able to eat altoids since then.

I suppose we could have kept them in the soap containers? But we kept our cigarettes dry in those.
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Flies can be a carrier of diseases that can make people very sick or kill them, and this is especially true in developing nations. My work abroad addressed some of the problems one infectious disease carried on the feet of flies when they would land in manure and then go land on food, and little kids would get really sick from the bugs from the poop on the feet of the flies. (There were various other ways these kids got sick too, but flies were not our friends around there.) Flies are even grosser and more dangerous than we thought

Planet earth would be much better off without mosquitoes!


You don’t have to be sorry.? Unless your planning to do a parameter check in order to wake up your hubby this night?? but than I guess vets don’t really plan to do this. It’s more like an itch, isn’t it? Ikone my vet doesn’t enjoy it or plans to do it but just feels he needs to and this feeling gets stronger and stronger.

However I think that I should be parameter check now and wake him accidently up while doing so. He is sleeping so peacefully and it would be much fun... no just kidding. I‘ll try to go back to sleep.


It’s like having a bad dream about the kids, or waking up thinking you heard one of them calling your name. Even though they aren’t, now. And even though you know they’re fine? You know they’re sleeping soundly? Still need to just look in on them, and make sure.

1,000 times they’re fine... but the 1 time it’s a fever, or they’re laying in their own vomit, or an arm is stuck, or a scared little face floods with relief that you’re there? Means the other 1,000 times Not matter. Just once. Just being in the right place, at the right time, once... means you’ll check the next 10,000 times, too. Next 100,000. Just to make sure. All’s well.

Next time you go check on the kids? Maybe crawl over hubby with your knees and elbows ;) Hehehe... (I know, I know. But it would still be fun).


He sleeps the weekends away! He's been sleeping for 24 freakin hours. WTF!!

I get it. He sleeps like shite during the week. Of course he wants to catch up on sleep when he can. But really?!? 24 hours straight?? Ugh!!

I have stuff I want/need to get done around here but he's crashed on the couch in the middle of our living space. For 24 hours!! (So far)

I wish I could sleep the day away while someone cleans the house, cooks my meals and does my laundry!! This is getting old and ridiculous.