General Rant and complain thread open to all supporters


Did you ask if the anthem was “risen from the ruins“ before you edited?
<blushing> Nah... I was just chatting, then realized it wasn’t really on point & my brother keeps smacking me for not understanding DEU politics (and for using sentences that are part swabish, part hauptdeutsch/hochdeutsch?, and part low, which gives him a headache... he’s fluent, I’m not)... and was afraid I might have been rude in getting all excited about knowing the wrong anthem. <blushing>

I know, or used to know, Auferstanden aus Ruinen, because my school class sang for the East for the 88 Olympics.


Happy New Year. I hope you all had a nice New Years Eve. Here they banned the sake of fireworks this year, because they are afraid crowds would gather to watch them and because they feared people would get hurt and it would add strain on hospitals. I think a lot of Vets might be happy about the decision. I know mine was deep in his heart though he thinks that decision was against the constitution because you can light fireworks without gathering and other dangerous activities have not been forbidden. But he was far less stressed and nervous. Some people here seemed to have fireworks left but it was far fewer than in the years before and I think it’s really a blessing for the vets. Personally I hope that people would decide to light less fireworks in the years to come.

We had a Skype meeting with friends on New Years Eve. How about you?

The “Risen from the Ruins“ anthem is a bit controversial because it has a communist message... but I doubt people who are not German get that message.

Our current anthem is also controversial because of a line the first stanza: “From the Meuse to the Memel, from the Adige to the Belt, Germany superior to all, superior to all in the world“. Well, that is not Germany’s current borders. Germany had to invade other countries in order to have that borders. The first stanza is rarely sung because it is so controversial. I wish we had a anthem less controversial... and was actually just joking when I said you must sing it when you get vaccinated.

Also I think Germany is the only country that has an anthem which mentions how much the wine produced in the country is adored all over the world. I am not kidding you by the way. Germanys anthem has a stanza about how German wine inspires you to noble deeds and “has a beautiful chime in the world“. This is because our anthem started out as a drinking song sung in sportsclubs and students fraternities before it became an anthem.


My Vet is sort of sick (back pain, doesnt want to eat) but of course does not want to see a doctor because he is afraid of catching the Coronavirus.


Even by phone? Right now, our initial appointments are by phone, the doc calls me at a specified time, with an hour’s grace for him. He has always been spot on to the minute. If I needed anything more then I would get an office appointment. He has ordered xrays and scans from just a phone appointment, and has also communicated results in a much more timely manner. I hope you are able to do something like this. It must be frustrating all around for both of you.


WTF!?! You have no problem helping everyone who asks. Dad, C, Mom, sisters, S, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and strangers on the street. Everything from lending money to electric and plumbing. But when it comes to us and our needs and well being it's ALWAYS a major [email protected]#&ing ordeal. [email protected]#&ing temper tantrum like a gd 2 year old. And you expect me to stand by listening to this B.S. and help you?? Da fuq? Have you just met me?? Hello!!!. It's 2021 and I'm not one of your subordinates. MFer!! Grr!! I'll talk to you when you snap the [email protected]#$ out of it.

And maaaybe if you didn't sleep till noon yesterday and watch movies till 3 and actually got a plan together??? just maybe things would have gone a lot smoother? Hmm? Ya think? We've been here before.

This isn't a mission. It's a gd faucet!!