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Reading Forum Increases Symptoms!

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Sorry, but this sounds like an excuse to me. People don't dissociate voluntarily at any point, so unsure why you feel you are worse off than another who does exposure therapy! Please explain?

Strangely, as my dissociation has improved, I find that I can often choose whether or not to dissociate, and a couple of times I have chosen to dissociate because it is such a familiar coping strategy.
I have found the forum to be a source of information, support and connection. I have been isolated for so long and this was my first step back to the scary world. It is nice to know however, that when the time comes to move on and spend less time here that the forum will continue, others will fill the empty spaces and there wil be room for me to keep in touch without feeling like I have deserted cyber friends.

I find this comforting.
I agree with Whitney, this forum along with reading books on PTSD and trauma, has helped me understand so many of my symptoms. It hasn't given me more symptoms.

I do currently spend a lot of time on here, reading threads, learning, educating myself, asking questions, gaining support, supporting others, welcoming new people etc.

I think it's a natural progression as healing continues, to then spend less time on here.
Yes, reading the traumas of others can increase symptoms.

Hi Loloma. Reading your response, I think I am alright and have that strength. I have been on this for two months. I was wondering that being very empathic and very sensitive would pick up some other problems. I have observed myself carefully, they all symptoms are of my trauma and unresolved issues. It's tricky and I have accepted other people's judgements about my own strength.

I always wanted to learn how to shut of my own empathy. It's already off. It's emotional vulnerability which I couldn't take care of.

I think if you're idle, sitting here only reading. That will lead you no where, but working on forum, discussion and willingness to bring changes will lead you where you want to be.
I've been aware of this thread but never really read it properly. But after having a few days away from the forum, I have found that Anthony is spot on as always. It's strange, I was looking forward to catching up with everyone, but now I've read over my diary and begun to think about my trauma again, I am feeling worse.

Onwards and upwards! :cautious:
I personally find this forum more therapeutic then my therapist. If anything, I find myself starting to emerge from my self imposed shell. It is lightening.

That being said, there are times, usually towards the end of the day, or evening, that I have to pull back. At those times, I either read the non threatening threads or I close out of the site. That may have to be what I need to do to nurture myself.

I haven't tried any of the diaries, because, right now, I am too fragile for that. But, then again, I do not even write in my personal journals. Yes, I know it is good for you. Just can't/won't do that right now.
mind blowing.

Yes it can be! I truly believe what Anthony says. As we are exposed to more as we go. More than going to therapy.

Therefore having more information in a shorter timespan. JMHO we would eventually have increased symptoms as we work through issues. I feel the amount I learn from others is well worth the increase.

I think we all process on our capability and it may not be best for all. We have a choice and do what is in our best interest. Whitney
I stopped writing my Trauma Diary, as it was feeling like a task I didn't longer want to face. Also, I was not finding a lot left to write about, though traumatic things still do go on in my life at times. I stay mostly in Chit Chat these days, wanting to stay in touch with friends, but wanting to keep it light. When and if I feel like going back to my trauma diary, I shall.

As to seeing my therapist, I see her now about once every 3 weeks. When I started therapy years ago, it was once a week, so I feel I have progressed well in therapy.

Thanks for this info, Anthony, I did not know all these things.
Thank you, this thread is very helpful. Since I have joined I have been able tolerate being exposed and not hiding my "skeletons in the closet". By being accepted and understood, I no longer feel isolated. Sometimes, when I read traumatizing posts it does upset me. However, I do feel the need to focus on other areas of my life, knowing that this board will be here.

Often when I check the forum there are discussion threads that address issues going on in my life. In addition, I find the people on this forum to have so many great qualities: Loving, Understanding, Insightful, Intelligent, and more. It's a wonderful thing that this forum was started and exists now.

I find with all online ventures sometimes I have to get out an experience "real life", but there this forum is always a safe place to return to and discuss issues.
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