Rumination is an anxiety disorder, but not PTSD?


Hahahah, to me it's more "Okay, lock the door.. Oh, no, I'm locked in now, unlock it.. Actually wait.. Lock it n I'll climb out the window.. Wait, if they come in the window I'll need it unlocked.." So my door is always unlocked.. Which is apparently very un-PTSD 😅
Wow! Thought I was the only one who never locks my door. Noise in the neighborhood the other night resulted in me putting metal basket two feet from door so I would hear if someone came in. Couldn't do the logical thing and lock the door.


So my door is always unlocked.. Which is apparently very un-PTSD 😅
LMFAO... Oh I have severe issues surrounding “trapped”. The lengths I go to, to avoid that particular feeling/issue/reality? Make a LOT of my stuff “look” weird. And make my therapist burst out laughing.

i lock my door when I’m home, so I can hear the noise of someone attempting entry. I don’t lock it when I’m out (although I leave other tells) so that in addition to dealing with stolen shit? I’m not also dealing with a broken door, advertising easy entry at any time.


Thanks for sharing that. I don't know if you'd find this helpful to know - but that observation about how to handle rumination inside of working with a trauma client - I find it not entirely well-thought-out; it's a little bit of an oversimplification of something that's more appropriate to managing BPD, than PTSD - the therapist in the article specifically mentions that she's most experienced with comorbid PTSD/BPD, so that kind of angle on things makes sense.

I do think there's wisdom in the idea that we need to have some degree of stabilization before proceeding into trauma processing. And stabilization requires time and application of symptom management skills.

It's just as possible that the loop you were experiencing was the recurrence of intrusive thoughts, rather than rumination. It's really, really hard to know with a lot of these things.

Have you and your therapist taken a break from doing trauma processing, and are right now working on refreshing your stabilization skills? Or - does that seem like what you'd like to be doing?
Well... today, we worked out the rupture and my new fear of her, a bit. It was trauma based. She asked what I did to handle the “trance” during the week. She pointed out all the positives in how I handled it. Then we pointed to the little T’s of my early childhood and we focused on that. My system is definitely more calm since those targets aren’t as high as the stuff we had been working on. We followed it up with “nurturing people” and I literally have been able to carry that around with me today which is very nice.