self-compassion work

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Self care homework
What does self care mean to me?

I enjoy self care. I remember I learned how to take good care of myself again after trauma, not just those around me, and then I was re-traumatized by abusive neighbors.
Sprained my neck
Had a seizure with loss of consciousness and temporary paralysis.
And I can't think of one thing I did against/to those people. Truly actually. They never said anything. They just were the way they were.

Considering that, it makes sense why my T wants me to focus on self care. When we've talked the past couple months, I've been telling her I don't want to do it anymore. Just any of it. It really concerned her one time.

Self care for me right now looks like allowing myself to be upset (exhausted of the feelings).
Allow myself more time to get over these traumas.
Remember I don't have to feel good for things to be good. There's joy in my home walls. I'm thankful. Self care is not giving up on things that are important to me. Self care is accepting grace for myself more often.
Self care is being gentle with myself like I am with others.
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