How do you practice self-love and compassion?

Wow thank you all for these incredible and well- thought through responses... I've read through them all and will absolutely have to read them a few more times to get my head around it all and consider it in relation to me...

My brain isn't up to doing that today but I will be over the next little while and will get back then.

So much of what's been written has rung a bell for me thanks...

Also my son is really struggling atm and is also struggling with his self esteem and self love in general... so I've said to him it's a journey we can go on together to discover good daily practices going forward... I'm really motivated to get to know how to practice it all to help him...
Everyone has great points here 🙂
Just wanted to talk about when I tried out Metta / loving kindness meditation. I did a very basic 2 to 5 minutes a day, of repeating phrases

May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be free from suffering

Firstly saying them in your mind with someone you love in mind

Then towards yourself - noticing the difference in the quality of feeling is educational!. I started to borrow some of the quality of feeling I felt for someone I loved, and practised feeling some of that towards myself.

Then you repeat the phrases with someone neutral, and then eith someone you have some difficulty with. (Don't start with any abusers in mind, just mildly difficult interaction etc)

I was very surprised, after just a few weeks I started having some nice dreams for the first time in my life.

Googling Metta or Loving kindness will bring up a much better description than mine I'm sure.

But it is an easy way to get started.