Share an imperfection

I have a huge fairy garden. My aim is to enchant my grandkids. These fairies have a lot going on - there's everything from the family farm to a baseball game to a beach. It even has a few Superheroes. Three of my munchkins are currently obsessed with trains, so I've spent the past month planning the fairy railroad - the layout, the type of train, etc. It was recently pointed out to me that fairies don't ride - they fly. 🧚🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️
Red Green color deficient. So I have trouble with dark reds, greens, browns mostly. My wife used to wonder why I took her clothes shopping but she figured it out.......
Wives & fabulously gay men are the BEST shopping partners.

Not necessarily for the process but the ends justifying the means!!!
I’ve gotten more compliments for my ankles/feet than I have for my face. True story. One time this guy I barely knew approached me and said out of the blue “you have perfect ankles.” I said thanks I guess?

Meanwhile my poor face gets nothing.