Stuck in therapy - Undecided on how to proceed


New Here
Thanks again for the comments guys. I've contacted my current T, I've told her I wanted to talk and to just communicate about what happened. I wanted to kind of avoid going there and digging into the past but I'm seeing right now that trying to avoid the difficulties I experienced with my former T it is only gonna raise questions and hurt any working relationship anyway. So I've told her I wanted to explain how things happened & answer her questions, if she wants to contact my former therapist afterwards I told her that was ok. Hoping we'll be able to see eye to eye, if not then there's no starting point anyway.

Another update (again sorry for blogstyle), I just talked with someone else about this whole thing, I hadn't talked with anyone for a long time. It was awful (not the convo but what happened after) and it also unearthed in me a loot of feelings and I now feel in extreme pain all the time. Like, literal torture. Everything I was feeling when I left previous T feels like it is now exploding in me.

It may well be, as you say, completely unrelated, but just a quick thought, are things that involve us, our feelings, thoughts and reactions ever truly unrelated? They are, after all, a part of our complex, tangled web. Things may be more closely related than you could ever imagine right now...

I feel like I might not escape this after all for due time. It's like it's all living again in my literal conscience. Ugh hate this whole thing but maybe at least I'm dealing with it now.