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This is the kind of day…

spread out 4 yards of pea gravel to be the base for the pool, bordered it with pressure treated posts laid out in an octagon to keep the gravel separate from the grass and put a layer of clean dirt outside of that to jeep the posts in place, i will be seeding it after the pool is up and full of water tomorrow. This year we will be heating the pool so I got started on laying in piping to get from the pool to the place where the heater will be, and the filter too. Work will set you….free? I will be happy when work sets me on my back on a floaty with sunglasses and a stupid hat.
That the best way to beat the heat? Is to turn up the heat.

It’s 40 degrees hotter outside than it’s been. So? If It 95 outside, let’s crank up the kitchen to 115 or 120. Now? it’s blissfully cool outside. 😎 Instead of scorching. Dunking my head in the sink? Bonus.

Yes, yes. I agree going swimming to cool off, or aircon, might both be smarter. Working with what I’ve got.
drove an hour and a half to get a great price on a very old piece of furniture from a man that once lived about five minutes from my home. I bought it and brought it home (almost, within five minutes of it) and then I got some great pizza while I was in the big city where good pizza is available.
My day was hot 105! Fortunate, found two pair of brand new name brand slacks at thrift shop,
filled with fruit from the produce section and most of all educational due to the patience of an olive jewel, who is a jewel!