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Upgrade Issues

Fixed AI issue, problem child causing the problem is disabled for further work, nothing that is for public or member use, so nothing will be noticed.
Due to the many many issues I experienced with the server and an upgrade, I had to dump all caches, so the site may be a bit slower due to needing to cache all its existing data across the global network distribution points (close to you). It takes a little time for that to happen as there are lots of countries and datacentres it must replicate.
Hi, I was one of the users who couldn't post due to the caching issues. Couldn't post on my phone or laptop for about a day and a half, I think. Earlier at work today, I cleared the cache on my phone, but still couldn't post. Just got home and also cleared the cache on my laptop and now it works. I wonder whether you have to clear the caches on all devices you've used the account on, before it resolves the issue...? Just thought I'd post that in case someone else is having the same issue. (I could still read and "like" posts, throughout).

One question I have regarding this is that I noticed that I couldn't even post in the "Contact Us" area to say that I was having problems posting... d'oh! 😝
What's the right channel to report that kind of issues, when you can't access the Contact Us option?
Caching is per device, not per user. Two things happen, the browser stores certain files per website to load locally and cookies contain information on some items to specially cache/remember, which can cause an issue. So getting rid of both at once should fix any issue if the issue is local on the device, ie. after any server issues are corrected.
The PWA (progressive web app) is just a replication of what you see in the browser. Its a fancy feature to make it look and act like an app, so its more intuitive and such using default phone features. So no.