Upset. Brought a part into therapy and backfired. Not sure how to move forward?

What a protective role! I wonder what was happening in your world that caused this part to deny ur reality so much. I wonder if there was some safety or sanity in denying your reality or continually questioning yourself? I wonder if there were people in your outside world who required or pressured you to not have your reality? I wonder how your sanity, health, safety or relationships might have suffered if this part hadn't shown up? I wonder how hard and long this part has had to work? I wonder how old it is?

Hope these wondering help. Take them slowly and gently towards that part x
The truth is I'm also wondering all these things too...

I also wonder how I'm supposed to find out the answers to these questions ... I don't know what taking them slowly or gently towards that part looks like...I can't converse with this part...if I try to talk about things over them they (it / he?) get pretty vitriolic... bring me right down - there's an anger and a violence there... 3 is there as the keeper of the bridge... no way they will let me get past it.

Not sure how conversing with a part who wants to shut me up could ever work.

Thankyou for your reflections and wonderings. They are helpful 🙏