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What’s your favorite?

When I was a kid there was a mall with a food court where you could sit and look down at an ice skating rink below. There was an arcade in the food court and there was also a restaurant called Boardwalk Fries. Their ranch dressing on a cup of fries was like a tiny piece of heaven to me.

Favorite mall store which no longer exists?
Bath Sheet
Reminds me of traveling somewhere, can’t remember where, and the hotel towel was something akin to a slightly oversized dish cloth. No terry, couldn’t wrap it around the body, but it was possible to dry with. Made me reconsider my platonic idea of towel.

How did you come upon using a bedsheet for a towel if I may be so forward?

Favourite scent?
Grassy field at night.

Favorite arm?
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How did you come upon using a bedsheet for a towel if I may be so forward?
Hilariously…. 🤣

Whilst Bath sheets are actually a type of oversized bath towel, ((about the size of sewing 3 standardized towels together, 2 lengthwise & 1 at the end. IE 4-5 feet wide, and 6-8 feet long.. about a third bigger than beach towels)) Being 6 feet tall, that means I can wrap them across my chest, and the hems are above the girls and below my knees. Instead of wrapping up & walking around topless or bottomless. 😱

…Traditional Japanese towels ARE bedsheet material / thin flat super absorbent cotton. And nothing, but nothing, absorbs water faster… with the bonus of not being hot/sticky/heavy in hot environments. But all cool & delightful. So they’re super useful. And what I used as a kid, at the bath houses.

🥶 - So when I’m living in the cold/damp/ickyness I am, now? Or am in air conditioned splendor? Or -bless- lovely, lovely, hotels? Big, fluffy warm bath sheets are my favorite way to dry off. And walk around the house trying to remember where my clothes are.

🥵 - But when I’m in the jungle/desert a mile from the sun? OR
🎒 - Backpacking and want my “towel” to dry fast instead of fester? OR
🏊‍♀️ - When I’m in an indoor pool & want to shimmy into a pair of jeans afterward? (Jeans? Do NOT like damp legs!!!) Actual/real sheets -or a cotton sarong, for a more portable size of the same material- are where it’s at! Even better than pool shamoix
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