What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?


Sitting with you with a hug and prayers and support @Lionheart . Her death and the way she died is traumatic for you in itself. It is not your fault. I am glad there were times she could laugh with you and be herself despite her struggles, so she obviously loved you very much.
Yeah, we loved one another unconditionally and we bonded as a father-daughter "team." I had been the only consistent male role model in her life, her bio dad didn't have much to do with her. Which to me was very sad for her. She had some major trauma issues and had started trauma therapy and I was so proud of her for that. She told me I helped her by talking about what I learned in therapy. But her drug problem went way back and she struggled with her addiction, having gone to rehab twice. She had a so-called friend who taught her how to shoot up pain pills and it just got worse from there, but I loved her just the same as I believe a good parent would.

The pain of losing her will be felt for the rest of my life, but the love we shared will set us both free.


New Here
I feel desperate
I feel hurt
I feel worthless
I feel unloved
I feel despair
I feel ignored
I feel forgotten
I feel hated
I feel persecuted
I feel ALONE
I feel unheard
I feel re-traumatized
I feel disgusted and hurt by "life"
I feel I'm so tired of hell on Earth