What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

Grateful. You know, it just kind of hit me how much I've survived, or that I have for all these years. If anyone knew the last 16 or so they would have thought quite a long shot. Kind of shocked myself. 😳 Shocked and grateful.

ETA, I would say relieved, grateful, worried, tired and some joy. (The latter they say is happy+ surprise, I think maybe happy + peace). Mind you, I guess today I was in a safe enough space mentally to peek back and acknowledge how far I've come, or that I got to here. Don't know why it came to me today.
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I am still in mourning and losing my niece to drugs makes it more difficult. The way she died upsets me. It was probably fentanyl but the toxicology reports aren't available to me yet, I am not next of kin.

I feel really sad, heartbroken, and crushed. It is so lonely here without her, tho she was a bit of a wild child, she had fun and bubbly personality. So it is easy to miss her.

Overall it hasn't been a bad day, but I still feel down.