What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?


New Here
Yesterday afternoon, about 4:30, I got a call that I've been waiting for! All I could feel was deep sadness, the piercing need to cry was overwhelming! I feel the same today. The thing is, I can't cry. Crying is almost triggering due to my childhood and into my teens!
The call was that something that never should've been allowed to happen to me was completely dismissed after almost 2 years! I feel that I've bottled up so much sadness, hurt, suffering, anger, and even fear, that I need to cry it all our before I can feel relief and happiness.
I wish I had someone who could listen to me tell the feelings, let me have them, and let me cry with no judgements.
I really feel I need to CRY!


Intrigued, thoughtful, reflective, relaxed, at one with all things...wait, what did I just say??? Wow, I am shocked for those words to come from my keyboard. Ummmmm, It is a pleasant state that I wish I could stay in at all times. Now I am a bit puzzled but happy.


both horrible and very well

horrible because it's now clair I have nightmares every night instead 3x a week and they seem me more difficulte to handle

very well because I live in a place I feel good and support net is letting me supress acivities I had to do in group home because stupids rules and never needed them