What Are You Grateful For Today?


I'm grateful for my husband who is currently waiting on me hand and foot because of foot surgery and I practically can't leave my bed.
I'm grateful for my mom who is coming to take care of me on Sunday.
I'm grateful for my friend.
I'm grateful for being able to work during Covid that allowed me to have my surgery.


Grateful that I don't have to go out anywhere today.
Grateful for my supportive and hardworking guy friend.
Grateful for my online yoga teacher, I love you Adriene!🥰.
Grateful for my new carpets.
Grateful for space by myself today.
Grateful for stability ( homewise and income and such, and no war zone).
Grateful for not being as unwell with this as I used to be.
Grateful for friends here and in real life.


I am grateful for the ability to cry and grieve. For me too. Not only for others. (I remember when I was so frozen inside that all those tears turned into self hate, anxiety and depression and despair. ) I am grateful for not being numb anymore. For being able to feel all feelings. And for being alive.