What Are You Grateful For Today?


I am grateful that I had a nice conversation with a recruiter that contacted me on LinkedIn

I am glad I could say no to moving forward with the next step with an interview

I am grateful that I am taking the time to take care of my emotions in the bathroom at work

I am grateful that I will stop the negative self talk

Tornadic Thoughts

Grateful for the family who owns an outdoor produce market not far from us that is open 6 days a week. I discovered he has a connection to get baby bananas (none of the groceries stock them anymore) and he now gets them for me by the case. To me, they taste so much better than the regular kind. They have the best ever jalapenos, too, among other seasonal goodies. Places like these are precious and few.


That I am finally awake and staying awake this afternoon. I slept 12.3 hours last night, according to my CPAP machine. Then I got up, had a small breakfast and promptly fell asleep again. I slept till lunch. I'm up now finally at 3:25 PM. I don't know what is going on with me.


Grateful for my comfortable bed, my place of comfort and rest.
Grateful my girlfriend left work early to take care of her emotional health.
Grateful that I am prioritizing my well being overall- it is good to know I am my own ally.
Grateful for the reminder, on these forums, that it is ok to feel what I'm feeling. I dont have to fight it. I can accept it.
Grateful that I went outside and rode my bike today.


My Psychiatrist, he doubled my Effexor to help me with anxiety and panic and I am grateful even tho I haven't begun therapy with it yet.