What Are You Grateful For Today?


TheCat’s Summer Routine

Upon exiting the house to the deck he first -as polite society dictates- attempts to hop his warm furry body onto your sweat slick bare legs to show his devotion both to you, and to offer the protection his -graciously left behind- fur will offer your puny hairless human legs from the sun.

He will ask -as decreed by the gods- 3 times, with increasing insistence, until he is certain that your refusal is not simply polite, but that you actually wish him to go enjoy himself, with no thought of the comfort of others.

Whereupon he will flop himself down in the brightest, sunniest spot, to perform tummy-magic. Twisting and angling about, until every fiber of his being is sufficed with JOY.

It is now time to seek the shade. And to sleep. Allowing the finer details of sunshine belly magic to infuse his entire being.

After many hours, instead of simply returning inside, it is time to stretch out to one’s entire length across the deck, before the door… like a man dying of thirst reaching for the water just out of his grasp. And lay there. Like a dead thing. To determine how many humans will open said door, how many times, in order to prove their devotion. If an appropriate number has been reached? One may actually enter the house. If today’s count is, however, somehow lacking? One might choose to elicit the tiniest of meows, perhaps a whimper or three, a pitiable expression added as one’s discretion dictates… to spur one’s humans to taking appropriate action, and open the door. Not to enter, of course. To improve their training, in hopes that they might -someday- be worthy of polite society, and perhaps even favor from the gods.
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A can of cola- Our rescue orphan lamb was choking and I used a horse vets’ trick of pouring cola down his gullet and the blockage came straight up.
The lamb - who is greedy and Lardy- then came back and started begging for the cola ( no - of course I didn’t give it to him! )