What Are You Grateful For Today?


Grateful for my new found ability to be firm and set boundaries, when needed. Sometimes it's needed ❤️ (I still feel a little guilty afterwards, but that's okay -- progress, not perfection) ❤️
Grateful for improved self worth, self confidence and self respect ❤️
Grateful for my therapist who is both soft, kind, affirming, respectful (perfect for making my child parts feel safe) .. and also competent, for adult me


I am absolutely in LOVE with this company >>> Top Shelf Orthopedics

I got the lace up wrist brace, and a couple other things… and am about to hit up my doc to order both ankles (they have a figure 8 style I haven’t seen since leaving the military, and I have LOOKED; I guess civvie docs don’t want you exercising whilst a physical wreck held together wih ibuprofen and water??? IDFK. That figure 8 fits in a boot or sneakers prevented more sprains and breaks than I can even begin to count), prowrist braces, and half a dozen other things. f*cking badass, amazing, best products I have come across, ever.

SO grateful to have finally found a good supplier. Just because I’m all banged up and gimpy doesn’t mean I don’t wanna have fun, or you know, work.


The smokin HOT firefighters and paramedics that filled my living room last evening.

Thank you for being beautiful while I was trying not to die. 🥰

The cherry on my sundae.


((Clearly, I’m fine, touch wood. Just acute pulmonary failure, from an uncontrollable bronchiospasm, with wacky cardiac involvement. IE Bradycardia instead of tachy. It was a rough few minutes, and then my lungs remembered their purpose in life, and my heart decided it might as well play ball, too. <glares at chest> HEY! You 3! I’m doing my part up here, no cutting out early. Got it??? ))


having such wonderful eye candy when your vision cleared was almost (almost) worth it.

I’d have been fine with leperous orangutans with a wart problem… that these tall muscley David sculptures decided to wear blue for a living? AND were working last night? Bestill my, wait. No. That was the problem. 🤣 Regardless, it was a pretty pretty sight to blink back to. Why hellooooooo.