What Are You Grateful For Today?


I really did not want a tacky inflatable hot tub - but today I am yet again grateful for it. I’ve been able to stretch out my tight bunched muscles in it a little- doing seated yoga positions in it . It’s allowing me to stretch while pacing. I’ve released some of the neck and shoulder tension that restricts that movement eased those sore legs. I even got one ankle released enough to click . And because it’s at home I’m not feeling vulnerable or threatened or shame . Yay .


That sounds like bliss @Mee

I spent months n months last year dreaming of being able to be in the water like that. Treated myself to a stay in a place with a pool by way of a holiday. It's so soothing isn't it.

Grateful for a lovely day out. Got a tour of the grand house nearby, lovely afternoon in someone else's world.


I help an autistic boy in a middle school where I live. I write down his notes, I reexplain some stuff, etc. Due to some issues I couldn't be there for the first week of school.

I was able to come back today and it kind of was a surprise. He was so happy to see me I almost cried.

He has many handicaps (autism, dyslexia, to name a few) so I am very honored that he trusts and likes me that much !