What Are You Grateful For Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

Even more grateful for my husband after a trip to the ER recently. He was having pains that had lasted for about 5 hours (did I mention he's a little stubborn, too?) and wouldn't stop. They told him it was walking pneumonia and gave him a z-pack scrip. The covid test was negative. He had a little extra cough on occasion, but assumed it was his asthma acting up, or more allergies, and didn't pay it any mind.

The pain hasn't come back since and he says he feels fine. Fingers crossed they were accurate in their diagnosis and treatment. What ifness moments roll in like a damn tsunami when stuff like that happens. Hell, that happens even on a good day in my brain. Grateful as a mofo, in so many ways.

Hoping your pup continues to get better, @Rosebud . 💛