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What are your pet peeves ?

one of mine is when you're listening to the radio, they play a song you really like- and then don't tell you who the singer is.

so many times I have been left wondering what just played?. I love that song
people who call you on the phone just to blame you for everything and have no idea what you're going through

also people who get told 50 times you're not well, then ask how are you?

oh and hunger. I am starving this evening
People who think I’m just WASTING money, by buying bulk/wholesale, instead of paying retail, for tiny amounts.

Brick wall. Bang head. Brick wall. Bang head.

Yes. You got your pound of chicken wings for $9.99.*
Yes. MY chicken wings DID cost $50. For FIFTEEN pounds.

This does not mean I just “wasted” $40, and have no regard for blah blah blah.

It means you pay $10 a pound & I pay $3.

It’s just vexing.

Even more insulting, beyond the basic math, thing?

Being sneered at for being snobby for shopping (wholesale) at a restaurant supply store. “Oh, you just have to have your FANCY foods. Regular foods just aren’t good enough for you.”

Right. My “fancy” foods that cost 2/3s or more LESS than your foods. Which are the. exact. same. foods.

Yes. They are restaurant quality.

But your 3 cucumbers for $6 and my 24 cucumbers for $6? Are. Both. Freaking. Cucumbers.

Moreover? If ONE of my cukes get spots, I am NOT being “wasteful”. The very last one going off isn’t wasting $2, just because you pay $2 per cucumber. At worst? I “wasted” 25 cents. According to your shopping, if 3 cucumbers cost $6, then I got 21 free cucumbers.



* For the third time this week. Just like nearly every other week. Which also means? My 15 pounds of wings for $50 would last you a month. Instead? You pay $30 a week, $150 a month. But I’m somehow the one wasting money on my fancy schmancy foods. <roll eyes>
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Current pet peeve is Nail Varnish. Been enjoying painting my nails again, well, I say enjoying, actually I've been strornry bloody irritated by being unable to paint nice thin layers of varnish which dry hard. Instead they seem to be really thick, and if you try to do more than one stroke, it just drags the stroke you already put down in a big mess of tectonic plates. Or instead of the new stroke laying neatly as one with the previous stroke, it lays a thick layer on top of the previous layer à la tectonic plates pushing over each other. If you try to do another stroke to neaten it out it's just a hilly mess with crater holes.

And if you actually manage to get something looking neat, the effing stuff doesn't dry and 2 hours later every one of your nails looks like it was done by a 5 year old.


I don't know why it's so hard now. It never used to be.
stop lights that are obviously on a timer, when there are sensors laid in the pavement that know when there are cars present at all of the lanes in question. So what happens when you pull into the left turn lane? The sensor starts a timer and you wait until it stops the other lanes so you can turn. Is it better to stop the other lanes after I have waited? Are the people who get stopped later on more deserving of being stopped than the people using the intersection now?
Oh, programming a complex time sharing logic would be too time consuming, even if we have everything in place except a programmer capable of doing it, lets just put everything on a “ drum style” timer system, it was good enough for gramma’s washing machine, its good enough for the taxpayers sitting at the light waiting their turn like the state DOT intended.
A second layer of slow burn occurs when I am in line and an emergency vehicle uses the “magic button” and totally flumoxes the system for the next three minutes, probably waiting for another timer to restart the timer at condition 1.
And a third layer of slow burn occurs when I see other drivers, also aware of the light being on a timer, cutting through the corner parking lots, doing u turns, and just generally taking the congestion away from the stupid light and spreading it out into the neighboring parking lots with the peds and their short little ones running around.
I think the people at the DOT think that anyone that suggests an improvement is the enemy, and they should be kept in their place and ignored like they dont understand the complexities of a more reactive logic program. I wish they thought that anything that impedes the flow of traffic or makes people consider parking lots full of peds a better option is the enemy.
I listen to good music, wait and watch the progression go through the steps it is going to go through until it us my turn coming up and get ready for my predictable and earned green light- GO!