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What are your pet peeves ?


I realize it’s freaking television/Hollywood, but 3 times, in as many shows? Someone has gone to the trouble of burning their “clothing” after killing someone… and what do they toss in the fire can? Their shirt. Maaaaaybe their jacket. And then they stare into the flames, for a moment, and walk pensively off camera… to presumably shower. Or not. Let’s just track bits through the house. Because half measures with forensic evidence? Good enough.

Brick wall. Bang head.

Sure, your trousers, underwear, belt, socks, & shoes won’t have blood spray or other bits on them.

If just one show would have someone strip to their skin? Or one better, also toss in the washcloth & nail brush after showering outside? (Hell. Even most hunters I know have an outside or garage shower, and washing machine in the mud room) to keep the house clean. Just Clean-Clean. Not black lights & cops & avoiding life sentences clean.

4th wall breaks? Just make my teeth itch.
If just one show would have someone strip to their skin?
Because most criminals are about that smart? I have two brothers in law that worked for the local police department and wow. Like the guys who robbed the tire shop Christmas Eve.....just after it snowed. They rolled the tires through the snow to their place and were actually surprised when the police showed up.......

People who are bothered just enough to complain, but not enough to do anything about it. If you are not willing to fix it - shut up.
Pity Parties!!!!! Nothing. in. life. changes. unless. you. change. it.

Frustrated? Perfect! it means you are striving for better. Want pity? Sorry, one eyed. left handed, color blind with a wrecked SI, a chronic illness, and CPTSD.....just ain't got time for anything but moving on....
not a pet, a terrible awful dragon that chases me everyday until I have no place to hide anymore. Lies tear me apart, make me feal like I am just a thing to be manipulated and used. Like a donkey that never figures out the carrot is not a real thing to dream of eating one day, like a schmuck that gets no respect, not even the respect you give to a person that you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of, a nothing, a no one. "I lied but it was just to the schmuck, it doesn't matter". I don't matter and everyone knows it because I came back for more and paid the bills and mowed the grass. "it worked! Look what I can get the schmuck to do just by telling lies".
not a pet, a terrible awful dragon that chases me everyday until I have no place to hide anymore.
Outside of the scope of this thread… so PLEASE feel free not to answer!

Do you think lying is “just” a hard limit, for you, or is it part of your trauma history to work on being less black & white (and Et Cetera!) about?

I ask, as:

- I have ADHD. Which means I’ve come to a certain kind of peace about the fact that most people? Lie CONSTANTLY. On the upside? It’s ADHD, rather than autism, so it only took me about 20 years of experimenting to figure out “the rules” around whether to listen to what people say with their voices, or their faces.

- I have serious trauma history in a job where if people lie? They -or others I care about far more than them- die. If you say it? Fawking mean it, and be goddamn accurate. Or? Let it be known that you suspect, someone else told you, etc.

- I have middling trauma history working jobs where lying was instrumental / integral to the job. With the accompanying decision about ONLY being honest with the people you love, and also choose, to be honest to. Again, with pretty much zero tolerance for bullshit… unless… you’re at work.

So I get seriously… touchy… about lies.

Sometimes it’s just “me”.

Sometimes it’s wrapped up in trauma schtuff.

Sometimes it’s both.
It greatly irks me when adults speculate about the sexuality or gender identity of a child. “Oh, that boy’s a dancer, he does seem like he could be gay. Oh that girl dresses like a boy, do they use he/him pronouns—maybe they’re too shy to say it.” Give them room to grow!!!
A dumba*s woman telling me that I am wasting my money because I bought some marble-size gemstones and it doesn't fit her idea of what I should spend my money on. My money, My business.
Neither the brita filter pitcher, nor the kettle, magically refill themselves.

It takes 10 seconds to refill both after you’ve used them.

Pour the filtered water into the kettle. Stick the pitcher under the tap. Done. Voila. Not. Freaking. Rocket. Science.

Or the next person? Is stuck waiting 10 minutes to make their tea/coffee.


aaaaaaaargh. >.<