What Do You Need In This Moment?


For the rain to please stop. ?
For my friend / relative to be safe camping.

Much tenderness and hugs to you @whiteraven . What awful pain & loss, I am so sorry. :cry::hug:

ETA As I tried to type, he rain has slowed, for now. Thank-You-God. :cry: ?
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Rani G2

The other territory.

I am up, you are down, I am down, you are up.. I oppress you, I ride up high, you press me down, you have power..
take a step away, letting things be as they are, seeing options/seeing options. Others aren’t always your enemy.. please Don’t Drag me into these hells...

Give me another territory


1. To intake more iron in my diet....God I'm tired.....and to stop itching and scratching-also due to low iron.
2. To get my energy back.
3. To find a new doc or PA-the one I have is emotionless and out of touch....in this pandemic....good luck to me.
4. To stop procrastinating about doing stuff around the house that needs doing.....


a new life
a different past, present and future

@insignificant....just here to tell you that your name jumped out at me and I felt the need to respond on this thread (hope it's okay) ............and you aren't insignificant....you aren't a no one.....you are worthwhile....you are special in your own way, and you likely have many talents.........your current online name screams....worthless (maybe I'm misreading...correct me if I am)...but that is not true. To have hope....you must believe there is a reason to live, and that things will eventually turn around....when it's time.... and that you are worthy of having a happy life....well, I'm telling you .....you are! Consider changing your online name to something more positive...more hopeful.....something that has positive meaning.......try finding hope by changing your perspective of yourself and finding good things.....in YOU....make a list......you aren't your trauma....your trauma is your past....what are you today...what do you want to be?

If you change little things each day, in a more positive way-this will likely change your future....if the changes are healthy ones.
Making changes IMHO, to getting that new life that you'd like....takes effort..........consider starting with changing your online name to something more positive....it's just a little change........and the reason I say this is the messages we send ourself, we usually believe and if they are negative message.....they just reinforce those negative beliefs.........try something different....try something more positive. Good luck at you there.

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In this moment, I need real live people around.
Isolation is a killer....


Thanks @TruthSeeker , I like your name btw. I appreciate your advice, and understand what you mean. Unfortunately it's about 45 years to late for me to begin-to-begin. Tbh, it's easier to accept, without giving room for more disappointment. I am significant, in so far as I'm a 'work unit'.

n this moment, I need real live people around.
Isolation is a killer....
I did an experiment this past Christmas/ Birthday/ New Year; I decided for this time, I would see if or who actually reached out to me, including friends and relatives, with a wish, or a how are you, or whatever. I was contacted by a few people who I don't even know their last name. And tbh, they didn't exactly 'care', just were pretty up front they didn't want to be physically alone, and had other physical suggestions.

I've been in places I was in 20 years 5-6 days week, and remember the person there not even recognizing me, lol. I was told by the 'good' relative, "God created you for me". Unfortunately they didn't mean it in terms of sentiment. That was the 'good' one.

My problem is not continuing to think positive- I couldn't have survived or persevered or kept the pace up without it, my pblm is not accepting what is a fact, yes, I am insignificant, we all are to most others but generally speaking most or many have at least have someone or 2 who give a sh*t. Not all though, And I'm really weary of the facade, already. And the add something positive each day. I suppose it feels more like people have coping with Covid- but now tell them, this is your life from now on, or, lets just keep doing this for 50 years, and hopefully we can re-start after that. I should have trusted myself at Christmastime- what I knew and experienced,. Some people have banquets, some beg for crumbs, some no longer can be bothered to eat. I have become the latter. I don't need begging, phony, or crumbs. It is healthy to know I am insignificant, and not set out to accept disrepect and uncaring and call it acceptable and pretend it is otherwise. I am tired.

Anyway, sounds like a wah wah wah rant, no point ranting to one's self, so guess that's why I did here lol.. :sick: Sorry. One thing I do know, is there is no unanimity of one.

And thank you for the mindset and input @TruthSeeker , Hugs to you. :hug: